lunes, 29 de septiembre de 2008


I don’t wear funny clothes or tights, definitely my panties are under my pants, not over… I don’t have any super powers… I don’t fly… unless I’m high… I don’t have a sidekick and my car doesn’t backfire when I start it. I wasn’t bitten by a spider… I don’t fear any kryptonite and my bracelets don’t stop any bullets. For all I know I’m still visible and if I go too fast I'll definitely get in trouble… I don’t respond to any signs in the sky and the police don’t back me up if I’m in trouble… so all I’m wondering is why people keep thinking that I’m some kind of superhero.

When everyone it’s in trouble their mental speed dials automatically call me. My cell its always available 24/7… when they need to cry they know my shoulder is very comfy and they can cuddle… when they think their world it’s tumbling down I’m always the person they look for… ‘Cause it seems to be that I’m the only one that know how to put every piece where they were before. But when everything its ok… I’m back on being alone… feeling sad ‘cause now I’m the person that need to be held and no one its there. When I need some help I call all my contacts and no one answer… I get frustrated knowing that I’m some kind of lame super hero…. But no one it’s by my side to help me… no one… just me and myself… and I hate it… I hate it so much that my breath gets short and I feel like dying…. Why!!!!! Why do I always have to be the good one… why I can’t be strong like others and give a fuck about other people!!!! I hate it!!!! I fucking hate it!!!!! But I don’t have the strength to tell others its enough… that sometimes it’s me that needs to be held. That I have feeling that get damage very easily… that I cry and I scream and sometimes I even hate people… and sometimes my friends and even myself…

That’s why its time to think in me… start settling my way in life… let all the people know that my opinions and my feelings are important and I don’t like it when people hurt me. That I hate feeling alone and not having anyone close to hold me. So tell me now are you ready to turn the table and let you be the superhero???

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