jueves, 9 de junio de 2011

Plain Words

I've been thinking a whole day about what a friend really is. I don't understand how a word practically simple and a gesture that we've been exposed probably since I were a kid is so difficult (almost impossible) to put into words.

We must not confused company with friendship... A companion can cover that sense of loneliness, but will never relief the emptiness of a soul. I realized that some people go around their life looking for just one real friend and never find it... I guess I'm one of the lucky ones...

I found both of you when I was starting to believe that nothing was right... It wasn't fast or went from one day to another... It wasn't that easy. Maybe that's why I think we are so magical.

You've taught me that a friend can spend a whole day with you laughing till you cry or crying till you laugh. A friend can go from coast to coast with you until you find yourself. You can spend a whole day talking about nothing or stay silence feeling all of our tragedies. A friend can spend an entire day at work with you and still wants to makes plans in the afternoon with you to catch up on how was your day at work.

There isn't a guarantee that we will not hurt each other. We come from very different backgrounds... hearts gets easily broken... but i can promises that I'll try to repair everything everything broken... Hurt will always be knocking at our door but I'll never make you suffer.

We've known each other from some years now... and honestly our rides has had some bumps on the road... Most of it, it's been a really lovable time... those bumps have made me more human, have open my mind to the thought that we really aren't perfect but I think our friendship is really close to it.

We have laughed, cry, hugged, padded in our shoulders, hurt, been silence, hold our hands and I can keep going... and we are still loving each other... I can't imagine a live without both of you... Maybe today isn't as bright as we would love, maybe our hopes and dreams are falling down and are really close to crash to the floor. Maybe our hearts have more scars than 5 years ago, and maybe we aren't the same girls we were some time ago. But here we are loving the persons we were and amused by the awesomeness of woman we are now.

Life isn't perfect and neither are we. We must regroup and confide in each other. I'll love you both from here to the moon and that will never change....

Maybe I can't explain in plain word what a friend should be, but each time I try to put it into words everything that comes to mind is our relationship.


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